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New network of mountain bike trails planned for Ffestiniog area

In News on December 24, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Antur 'Stiniog logoWe were extremely excited to attend the local meeting last month on Antur Stiniog’s plans for the Ffestiniog area.  It all started three years ago at a similar local residents’ meeting where the concept was first unveiled, which closed with over 2000 local residents (us included), signing a declaration of support.

Since then, thanks to the hard work of the project’s fantastic committee and generous support from government and local industry, the group has progressed the plans significantly to the point where the first of four phases is now ready to begin.

There are four phases planned, the first at Llechwedd due to start in 2010 and the others still in an earlier stage of planning: Read the rest of this entry »