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New network of mountain bike trails planned for Ffestiniog area

In News on December 24, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Antur 'Stiniog logoWe were extremely excited to attend the local meeting last month on Antur Stiniog’s plans for the Ffestiniog area.  It all started three years ago at a similar local residents’ meeting where the concept was first unveiled, which closed with over 2000 local residents (us included), signing a declaration of support.

Since then, thanks to the hard work of the project’s fantastic committee and generous support from government and local industry, the group has progressed the plans significantly to the point where the first of four phases is now ready to begin.

There are four phases planned, the first at Llechwedd due to start in 2010 and the others still in an earlier stage of planning:

  • Llechwedd Project – aimed primarily at the “down-hill” mountain biking sector, plans are for an extensive set of high quality routes which could be used for both recreation and international competition, along with an opportunity for conversion of the mansion to an on-site centre of excellence or academy for the sport.  As I understand it, plans and funding are in place and construction due to start 2010.
  • Tanygrisiau Lake Route – 8km and 5km options, suitable for families, stunning mountain surroundings.
  • Moelwynion Circuit – 15km route for both walkers and cyclists with some challenging gradients, excellent views over the Ffestiniog area.
    [our walk posted here a few months back covers part of this route]
  • Coed Cymerau Project – to extend from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Maentwrog and provide integration with the Ffestiniog Railway, this project will provide a number of routes in pretty woodland surroundings.  Site plan completed, awaiting stakeholder agreement and funding.

As you can see, the new facilities proposed are really exciting!  Both for tourists visiting the area, and opportunities for local residents and businesses, this project offers some outstanding things for us all to look forward to.

Antur ‘Stiniog seem to be extremely well organised and highly capable of completing the proposed developments.  Their stated mission is:

“…to develop the Ffestiniog and Snowdonia areas as a focus for outdoor activities, e.g. walking, climbing, fishing, biking, and canoeing;

to develop a mountain biking centre in the area of international standard;

and to provide new tourism, training and employment opportunities of the highest quality.”

We’re so excited and can’t wait for work to begin!  We’ll keep you posted of any further developments as they happen.

See the Antur ‘Stiniog web site for more information:

See the 2008-09 plan for full details of project phases with maps of the planned routes:


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